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Posted by John Mason on October 1, 2013 at 2:50 PM

On Tuesday September 26, I got on PhillyCam, the public acccess channel for Philadelphia, to take part in a historical "panel discussion" show about the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Iran, ruled by Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, in 1953 by the CIA. In this show, called "Conversations Across Time," I played John Foster Dulles, Eisenhower's Secretary of State, who, with his brother, CIA director Allen Dulles, pushed through this coup. Personally, I did great at this acting gig, and I hope for more to come.

But at a deeper level, we must worry that our government, in the past, overthrew governments that challenged corporate interests in their countries, and propped up oppressive regimes at war with their own people, for the same of corporate investments, profits, and power. Our government must be a government of ALL the people, and not a collection agency for big banks and oil companies.

As part of my understanding of the coup in 1953 for the show, I read the book All The Shah's Men: An American Coup & The Roots of Middle East Terror by Stephen Kinzer. It's a great book, and I recommend it highly. 

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