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The Mason Missile, December 29, 2013

Posted by John Mason on December 30, 2013 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)


I honor the life and work of Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned for 27 years during the fight against the Apartheid regime in South Africa; then, after his release from prison and his election to the Presidency of his country, worked to reconcile the racial groups of South Africa-Black, White, Colored (mixed-race) and Asian-into a “rainbow nation.” Much work still needs to be done; there is still a great economic gap in that country (like here is the US of A) betw...

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Political Stupidity in Washington

Posted by John Mason on October 15, 2013 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

How will this stupidity in Washington-the Tea Party types in the House scaring Boehner from doing the sensible thing and allow a bill to raise the debt ceiling-end? The tea partyers in the House are on a nihilistic drive to end the Affordable Care Act-the evil "socialized medicine"- and they act like they don't know or care if the American and world economy both collapse.

We have seen the ridiculousness of the tea party idols, Sarah Palin and T...

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The Mason Missile, October 5, 2013

Posted by John Mason on October 5, 2013 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings! I bid everyone L'Shana Tova, a sweet, happy, and prosperous new year-we all could do with one.

On Monday September 2, I marched and rallied and partied, in the rainstorm, with many other Philadelphia area trade unionists in the Tri-State Labor Day Parade and Family Celebration. We deserve the commemoration of our part in developing the country-it is US who are the engines of American prosperity, and without us, the corporate masters would have to do all the mining, manufactur...

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Posted by John Mason on October 1, 2013 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

On Tuesday September 26, I got on PhillyCam, the public acccess channel for Philadelphia, to take part in a historical "panel discussion" show about the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Iran, ruled by Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, in 1953 by the CIA. In this show, called "Conversations Across Time," I played John Foster Dulles, Eisenhower's Secretary of State, who, with his brother, CIA director Allen Dulles, pushed through this coup. Personally, ...

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Labor Day in the USA

Posted by John Mason on September 2, 2013 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I have come back from marching in the 26th Annual Tri-State Labor Day Parade and family Celebration, held today. We assembled at the Sheet Metal Workers hall at 1301 South Columbus Blvd, and we started with a rally in the middle of a torrential rain, but that did NOT dampen our spirits (pun intended). we marched north on Columbus Boulevard to the Great Plaza of Penn's Landing, and we had food and music and fun, even in the rain.

There was a time whe...

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Personal Growth and Self-Assessment

Posted by John Mason on August 31, 2013 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I have undertaken a good deal of personal and professional growth. Sometimes it's not noticable, you go on with your life and you don't notice any change in yourself, but it sneeks up on you. You can't order or yell at yourself to change or improve; it's a process, not a one-shot event.

I have a yardstick for measuring your personal growth, I call it the "Five Year Plan." I look back at my life as it was thrity years ago, asking, "How was I doing? W...

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Posted by John Mason on August 31, 2013 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I have been reading the Torah portion Nitzavim-Vayelech, Deuteronomy 29:9-31:30. Moses speaks to the israelites saying, "You stand this day, all of you, before the LORD your God, your tribal heads, your elders, and your officials, all the men of Israel, your chidren, your wives, even the stranger within your enter into the covenant of the LORD your God...I make this covenant, with its sanctions, nowt with you alone, but both with the thoe who and standing here with us...

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What Have I been Up To

Posted by John Mason on August 19, 2013 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I'm getting ready for the High Holy Days, Rosh ha-Shona and Yom Kippur. We are now in the month of Elul, the time of reflection over what we have done right in the past year and what we can improve on-and we CAn improve, so don't listen to those who tell you that you can't. I bid everyone a sweet, happy, and prosperous new year. As is my custom, I have written a series of Rosh ha-Shona resolutions, compatable to New Year's resolutions. They are as follows:

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Action in Chicago

Posted by John Mason on August 6, 2013 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I'm getting ready for my trip to Chicago, to attend the Delegates Assembly (DA) of the national writers Union/ UAW Local 1981. Chicago is rich in Labor history, such as the Haymarket incident of 1886, when seven labor activists were accused of throwing a bomb into a crowd of police during a rally of strikers at the McCormick Harvester works in May 1886, and the founding in June 1905 of the most radical and colorful of Labor movements, the Industrial Workers of the World (I...

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How The Interview Turned Out

Posted by John Mason on August 6, 2013 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I had a LOVELY interview on FoMerlot Entertainment, over Blog Talk Radio. I explained my writing art and craft, and a lot of my background. YOu can listen to it on this link, Thanks to everyone for their support.


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